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we have packaged PHP 5.3.0RC4, which you can find here:

Windows binaries are available here:

This this release candidate focused on bug fixes and stability
improvements and we hope to only require minimal changes ahead
of the next release. Many, but not all,  of the new features are
already integrated in the official documentation on php.net.

We aim to release PHP 5.3.0 next week. In case of critical issues we
will continue producing weekly RCs. For most users there will not be a
noticeable change meaning that now is the time to really do the final
testing of PHP 5.3.0 before it gets released with any unnecessary
incompatibilities with your project.

We are really close, however there is obviously a steady stream of new tickets being opened [1]. Some of these include bugs in new functionality and some include BC breaks. At this point Johannes and I are not aware of any show stopper bugs yet though. We very much appreciate every effort to review those bug reports and as much testing as possible with real world applications. Please let us know ASAP if you do think that there is a show stopper bug.

Also please do not commit to 5_3 without the explicit permission of Johannes. Please post any 5_3 patches to internals for peer review. We have had a few last minute commits break things and so we ask you to accept this additional step before commits for the hopefully short time period until 5.3.0 stable.

Best Regards,
Lukas and Johannes
PHP 5.3 Release Managers

[1] http://bugs.php.net/search.php?status=Open&phpver=5.3&cmd=display

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