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     php run-tests.php [options] [files] [directories]
-    -l <file>   Read the testfiles to be executed from <file>. After the test
-                has finished all failed tests are written to the same <file>.
-                If the list is empty and no further test is specified then
-                all tests are executed (same as: -r <file> -w <file>).
-    -r <file>   Read the testfiles to be executed from <file>.
-    -w <file>   Write a list of all failed tests to <file>.
-    -a <file>   Same as -w but append rather then truncating <file>.
-    -c <file>   Look for php.ini in directory <file> or use <file> as ini.
-    -n          Pass -n option to the php binary (Do not use a php.ini).
-    -d foo=bar  Pass -d option to the php binary (Define INI entry foo
-                with value 'bar').
-    -m          Test for memory leaks with Valgrind.
     -p <php>    Specify PHP executable to run.
-    -q          Quiet, no user interaction (same as environment 
-    -s <file>   Write output to <file>.
-    -x          Sets 'SKIP_SLOW_TESTS' environmental variable.
-    --verbose
-    -v          Verbose mode.
+    -o <list|csv|xml>        Output format
+    -z <nproc>   Run in parallel. Only if pcntl enabled.
     -h          This Help.
-    --html <file> Generate HTML output.
-    --temp-source <sdir>  --temp-target <tdir> [--temp-urlbase <url>]
-                Write temporary files to <tdir> by replacing <sdir> from the
-                filenames to generate with <tdir>. If --html is being used and
-                <url> given then the generated links are relative and prefixed
-                with the given url. In general you want to make <sdir> the path
-                to your source files and <tdir> some pach in your web page
-                hierarchy with <url> pointing to <tdir>.
                 Do not delete 'all' files, 'php' test file, 'skip' or 'clean'
-    --set-timeout [n]
-                Set timeout for individual tests, where [n] is the number of
-                seconds. The default value is 60 seconds, or 300 seconds when
-                testing for memory leaks.
-    --show-[all|php|skip|clean|exp|diff|out]
-                Show 'all' files, 'php' test file, 'skip' or 'clean' file. You
-                can also use this to show the output 'out', the expected result
-                'exp' or the difference between them 'diff'. The result types
-                get written independent of the log format, however 'diff' only
-                exists when a test fails.
-    --no-clean  Do not execute clean section if any.

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