zoe             Wed Jul  8 10:25:58 2009 UTC

  Modified files:              
    /phpruntests/QA     QATESTS.tgz README 
  fixed tests
Index: phpruntests/QA/QATESTS.tgz
Index: phpruntests/QA/README
diff -u phpruntests/QA/README:1.4 phpruntests/QA/README:1.5
--- phpruntests/QA/README:1.4   Tue Jul  7 17:18:12 2009
+++ phpruntests/QA/README       Wed Jul  8 10:25:57 2009
@@ -5,9 +5,12 @@
 2) Run the new run tests with flags -o csv against the QA directory, eg 
run-tests.php -o csv -s phprt_out QA
-3) Run the old run-tests.php against the QA directory and redirect the output 
to a file called rt_out
+3) cd to teh QA directory and run all teh tests like this:
+php run-tests.php Zend ext sapi tests > rt_out
+It's no good trying to run all the tests by just giving run-tests the top 
level directory name, 
+the PDO tests fail if you do.
-4) compare teh reulsts using
+4) Compare the reulsts using
    php compareNewOld.php phprt_out rt_out QA

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