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      * pear download extname
        The pear command may also be used to download source files.
        Specific revisions may also be specified.
-     *SVN
+     * SVN
        All PECL files reside in SVN. A web-based view may be seen at
        http://svn.php.net/pecl/. To download straight from SVN, use:

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 How to create patch?
-We are working with SVN. You need to get SVN source to create a patch
-that we accept.  Read http://www.php.net/svn.php for help on using SVN.
-You can check out older branches, but make sure you get trunk as well
-and make your patch work there.
+We use Subversion (SVN) for revision control.  You need to get the
+source from SVN in order to create a patch.  Read
+http://www.php.net/svn.php for help on using SVN.  You can check out
+older branches, but make sure you get trunk as well and make your
+patch work there.

 Read CODING_STANDARDS file before you start working.

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