As of right now, I'm declaring SVN open to full time use. Commit away, everyone!

There are still a number of issues to resolve, but development's been held up too long. We'll fix the issues as we go. Some known issues:

- Rsync is still down. Derick's working on this.
- SVN access over HTTP is slow. We're looking into making svnserve available.
- phpdoc is more or less completely broken. Ahem, Philip and Hannes.
- gd was imported incorrectly. I'm looking into fixing this, but it may require taking the repo down for a few hours at some point.
- There's no svnsync to replace CVSup yet. I'm also looking into that.
- Several of the PHP boxes are still seeing cronjob failures. Pierre's working on that. - There's no announcement on the PHP front page about the move. I'll poke someone to do something about that.

Any other issues, please bring them to my attention. Preferably via email, not IRC :).

-- Gwynne

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