On Thu, 2009-07-16 at 00:56 +0000, "Gwynne Raskind" wrote:
> okay, you win. One more attempt at doing the Q-encoding properly. Also, by
> ridiculously popular request, the file names in subject lines are back. 
> Finally,
> a link to an explanation is given for keywords failures.

Thanks for all your work!

>          if (!in_array('svn:keywords', $properties)) {
> -            fail("svn:keywords not set on textual file {$path_added}.\n");
> +            fail("svn:keywords not set on textual file {$path_added}. Please 
> see section 5 of http://darkrainfall.org/phpsvn-guide.html for 
> instructions.\n");
>          }

Good thing to have it documented, but in the long run this should be
moved to php.net, maybe integrated to php.net/anonsvn.php ... or is
somebody already working on that?


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