Excuse me but where/when was it agreed that this new feature can go into
PHP_5_3? I thought it was supposed to go HEAD only..
It should not go in 5.3, Nuno please revert.

And for the record, this was supposed to be my patch and I had full karma to commit it. I never asked Nuno to do so, all I wanted was peer review.

Next time please make it clear that you don't need someone else to commit the patch for you. I explicitly asked you that in the e-mail that I sent with my review, and you didn't say a word about that. So I assumed that you needed me to commit the patch, as usually people only send patches when they don't have enough karma. Anyway, I also don't understand why you sent the patch for PHP 5.3, when the title of the e-mail said "patch for HEAD" and you promptly reverted the patch from that branch.


P.S.: do you want me to revert the patch I commited to trunk so that you can commit it yourself (after possibly collecting more feedback from others)?

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