Sriram Natarajan wrote:
srinatar                                 Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:28:08 +0000


- 48182 ssl handshake fails during asynchronous socket connection

Your commit message was a bit flawed. It should have been like this:

  - Fixed bug #48182 (ssl handshake fails during asynchronous socket connection)

The commit stuff is able to pick almost (!) anything as the bug number, but not just any random number. :)


Changed paths:
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_2/NEWS
    A   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_2/ext/openssl/tests/bug48182.phpt
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_2/ext/openssl/xp_ssl.c
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/NEWS
    A   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/openssl/tests/bug48182.phpt
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/openssl/xp_ssl.c
    A   php/php-src/trunk/ext/openssl/tests/bug48182.phpt
    U   php/php-src/trunk/ext/openssl/xp_ssl.c

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