On Aug 10, 2009, at 8:40 PM, Hannes Magnusson wrote:
-# The PEAR group has access to full pear tree
-avail|ashnazg,clockwerx,cweiske,gauthierm,kguest,saltybeagle,shupp| pear
+# The PEAR group has access to full pear tree, and pear2
+avail|ashnazg,clockwerx,cweiske,gauthierm,kguest,saltybeagle,shupp| pear,pear2
I don't think this works.. pear_avail is only read for pear/.
(noticing gwynne@ is no longer automatically CCed for all commits..
CCing her now)

I think pear2/ needs an entry in commit-email.php...
Actually, maybe nothing else. pre-commit seems to match against
"^pear", not "^pear/" (is that a bug)?
And commits-bugs.php matches "pear" to pear.php.net/bugs (is the path
to pear2 bugtrakcer different?)

Both pre-commit and post-commit deliberately use only "pear" and NOT "pear/" as the prefix for pear matching for exactly this reason: so matching with pear2 will work without special-casing in a dozen places. It doesn't even need to be specified separately in pear_avail, as the call for matching paths is fnmatch("{$path}*") (this means that just "pear" will always match "pear2" even in avail). In short, it "just works" as long as you don't specifically say "pear/" somewhere :). If this isn't the desired behavior, tell me so I can fix it.

-- Gwynne

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