I'm wondered why the shebang line support was removed from scanner.

Note that going back to this solution requires extra open() and fstat() syscalls in case the requested file already stored in opcode cache. It might be a visible slowdown for FastCGI sapi.

Thanks. Dmitry.

Jani Taskinen wrote:
jani                                     Sat, 05 Sep 2009 17:07:14 +0000

Revision: http://svn.php.net/viewvc?view=revision&revision=288081

- Fixed bug #49182 (PHP CGI always outputs the shebang line)

Bug: http://bugs.php.net/49182 (Assigned) PHP CGI always outputs the shebang 
Changed paths:
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_2/Zend/zend_object_handlers.c
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/NEWS
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/main/fopen_wrappers.c
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c
    U   php/php-src/trunk/main/fopen_wrappers.c
    U   php/php-src/trunk/sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c

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