Andrey Hristov wrote:
> Jani Taskinen wrote:
>> Could you please commit to all branches in single commit and avoid the
>> (now) unnecessary "MFH" commits? (everyone else is doing that.. :)
>> --Jani
> I don't have a terabyte hard disk, and the time, to clone 5 times the
> repository with all pendants. Just two branches are enough for me. What
> kind of problems does separate commits create? :)
> And I am sick of 3-4 levels deep hierarchies.

You don't need to.  Just check out the branches you want.  See the
"Sparse Directory Checkout Instructions" instructions I posted to
internals and added to the wiki at

Disk space is a terrible excuse, especially since it takes absolutely no
more disk space to have a proper sparse checkout.  And if you are sick
of the deep directory structure, just symlink it appropriately.  Another
terrible excuse.

And the reasons for doing it should be obvious.  All these MFH commits
are completely untrackable.  There is no way to relate them back to the
original commit message, and they are also much harder to deal with when
it comes to reversing a change.  Hunting around looking for the commits
in all the branches as opposed to having a single change in a single commit.


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