Jani Taskinen wrote:
> Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
>> Jani Taskinen wrote:
>>> 1. Why are you constantly not merging stuff to HEAD?
>>> 2. Isn't this related to bug #50231 and why are you not using the proper
>>> commit message then? Hint: - Fixed bug..
>>> It's getting quite annoying that some people (Rasmus included) tend to
>>> ignore that we have a development branch (HEAD, trunk) and play around
>>> with a sort of stable branches. You're not above anyone, please adhere
>>> to the rules like the rest of us do..
>> The stuff I am working on right now is 5.3-only.  I am going to drop
>> 2.13 support entirely in trunk so the code is not the same.
> And why are you not working on trunk? Right now you're wasting my time
> since I can not build PHP_5_3 without changing my tools.

Every modern distro I know of has multiple versions of autoconf
installable.  All you have to do is set the PHP_AUTOCONF env variable to
choose a specific one.  And in the case of PHP, since we are using
AC_PREREQ, it chooses intelligently on its own.  If you have both 2.13
and 2.64 installed, for example, then the PHP_5_2 branch will build with
2.13 right now and the 5_3 branch builds with 2.64 without you having to
touch anything.  It certainly does for me on both Debian and Ubuntu
right now and I don't need to set PHP_AUTOCONF anymore to force it like
I used to.


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