On Jan 22, 2010, at 9:06 AM, Pierre Joye wrote:
>> ps. I think it might be beneficial for PHP at large to depend more on
>> C99 as the types are needed in multiple places and other C99 features
>> might be interesting ...
> The main problem is gcc thinking that adding random c99 features to
> default is a good thing to do.

Which we can completely blast by passing -std=c89 or -ansi, the lowest common 
denominator of ANSI C. That should disable something like 95% of gcc's 
extensions. If we wanted to go for never using ANYTHING gcc-specific (except 
explicitly, as in __attribute__), we could add -pedantic. It'd probably take 
days just to make things build again, though; I just tried "make 
EXTRA_CFLAGS=-ansi" and couldn't build a single file (zend_alloc.h uses "static 
inline", a GNU extension in C89 mode).

> However, we could as well define these types on demand using the
> configure script. That will solve 99% of the resons why poeple use
> stdint.h.

IMHO, that's a pretty good solution.

-- Gwynne

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