2010/3/11 Jani Taskinen <jani.taski...@sci.fi>:
> 11.3.2010 22:14, Johannes Schlüter wrote:
>> On Thu, 2010-03-11 at 21:06 +0100, Hannes Magnusson wrote:
>>> I cannot see any possible reasons why the build has to be broken.
>>> If it should be reverted then go for it, until then we would like to
>>> be able to build PHP.
>> Following a discussion with Jani I assumed he'd revert the change from
>> this branch. ("<  Jani>  And then reverting is done..how?") I will do it
>> if this doesn't happen soonish.
> I was kinda hoping someone knew some clever and easy commands to do that
> with SVN? I can do it, but it'll have to wait til tomorrow.  :(

svn merge -c <rev right before your commit>
svn status to check the M files
svn diff to verify the revert
test a clean build
svn commit


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