2010/4/25 Hannes Magnusson <hannes.magnus...@gmail.com>:
> Is that new?
> I thought 5.3 supported windows 2000? If so, please mention in it in
> the upgrade guide.
> -Hannes

All other values than WINNT is for Windows 9x/ME and other non-NT
based systems.

We don't support Windows 2000 due to a bug in the dynamic linker code.
Since if we fix it so one of the functions that we dynamiclly load at
runtime from the Windows API then it will fail since it was
implemented in Windows XP SP2. If fixed then it will try to emulate
the function on all other supported systems which in the end is a huge
slowdown which is one of the reasons for it havn't been fixed nor
probably will. Sure we could do some macro magic but then we have to
provide a binary for Windows 2000/XP/XP SP1 which I don't think is
worth it.


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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