On Thu, 29 Apr 2010, Rob Richards wrote:

> The discussion was a while ago (Steph was working on a way to autogenerate
> them at the time). Unfortunately it failed miserably (buildconf error'd out)
> when I tried to use it (tried it after the dsps had been removed). Until that
> is working (or some other mechanism is in place to generate them), I see no
> reason to remove them. They easily convert to newer VS versions so not
> specifically for VC6. The project files are nice to have around for simple
> organization/access in VS especially since we already have them, so its not so
> much about using them to make a build as it is for the VS integration.

Can't we stick them in a dir under win32 or so? They're then not 
"cluttering" the rest of the tree.

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