Hi Matteo

2010/8/17 Matteo Beccati <p...@beccati.com>:
> Hi Kalle
> Aren't curly braces deprecated? ;)

After reading the manual, yeah in 5.3+ they are. They don't however
throw an E_DEPRECATED notice so unless consulting the manual I don't
think so many are aware of it, including myself. As for changing it, I
will commit a patch for changing it back sometime later this week.

On another plan, I for one like to keep the syntax, since PHP is a
loosely typed language it can quickly create confusion whether you are
reading with an array or string index, plus I think its just as
readable. But I will probably end up doing an RFC for this some later
time this month, as I'm an extensive user of curly braces for string
indexes in all my string based parsers.


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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