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hi Gustavo,

I'm not sure it makes sense to add a method to do the opposite of
::isPassedByReference. I'm also not sure about ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF
being considered as by value in your implementation.

What is the logic/reasoning behind this addition?

It's not the opposite of isPassedByReference(). There are three possible values for the pass_by_reference "zend_bool" (taking advantage of its 8-bits...):

    785 #define ZEND_SEND_BY_VAL     0
    786 #define ZEND_SEND_BY_REF     1
    787 #define ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF 2

With ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF, the parameter is sent by reference, but if it's not possible, instead of giving an error, it allows the value.

That's what canBePassedByValue tests; whether sending a value would give an error or not.

Gustavo Lopes

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