Hi Andrey

2011/1/7 Andrey Hristov <p...@hristov.com>:
> On 01/07/2011 03:39 PM, Kalle Sommer Nielsen wrote:
> this fix is inefficient. Implies a query to the server. Much efficient
> is using mysql_options() on a MYSQL handle after mysql_init() but before
> mysql_real_connect() (which sets the charset during the handshake).
> http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/mysql-options.html
> MYSQL_SET_CHARSET_NAME (argument type: char *)
> The name of the character set to use as the default character set.
> Could you change it?

I changed it to use mysql_options() prior to the connection as
suggested. Should I merge it to the 5.3 branch?
> Thanks!
> Andrey


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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