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 5. Verify the tags to be extra sure everything was tagged properly.

-6. Moving extensions from/to PECL requires root level access to the CVS server.
-Contact to get this taken care of.
+6. Moving extensions from/to PECL requires write acces to the destination.
+Most developers should have this.

 Moving extensions from php-src to PECL
-- Filesystem: cp -r php-src/ext/foo pecl/foo
-- cvs rm php-src/ext/foo
+- Checkout the pecl directory, most likely you want a sparse-root checkout
+  svn co --set-depth=empoty
+- Create an directory for the extension incl. branch and tag structure,
+  no trunk at this point and commit this to svn
+  cd pecl; mkdir foo foo/tags foo/branches; svn add foo; svn commit
+- Move the extension from php-src to the new location
+  svn mv \

 If the extension is still usable or not dead, in cooperation with the extension
 maintainers if any:
@@ -33,10 +39,8 @@
 - create the package.xml, commit
 - release the package

-Moving extensions from PECL to php-src
-- Filesystem: cp -r pecl/foo php-src/ext/foo
-OR depending on the wishes from the PECL extension maintainer.
-- Filesystem: ln -s pecl/foo php-src/ext/foo
+For Moving extensions from PECL to php-src the svn mv has to be tone the other
+way round.

 Rolling a non stable release (alpha/beta/RC)

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