tyrael                                   Mon, 16 May 2011 20:07:55 +0000

Revision: http://svn.php.net/viewvc?view=revision&revision=311107

fix the test via setting the timezone to UTC as suggested by Alexey Shein, and 
adding an SKIPIF as this test was originaly intended for windows only, maybe we 
could drop this, as we don't support VC6 anymore

Changed paths:
    U   php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/date/tests/DateInterval_format_a.phpt

Modified: php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/date/tests/DateInterval_format_a.phpt
--- php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/date/tests/DateInterval_format_a.phpt      
2011-05-16 19:51:39 UTC (rev 311106)
+++ php/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/ext/date/tests/DateInterval_format_a.phpt      
2011-05-16 20:07:55 UTC (rev 311107)
@@ -3,8 +3,13 @@
 Daniel Convissor <dani...@php.net>
 # TestFest 2010 BKTK
-<?php if (!method_exists('DateInterval', 'format')) die("skip: method doesn't 
exist"); ?>
+if (!method_exists('DateInterval', 'format')) die("skip: method doesn't 
+if (substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3) != 'WIN') die("skip this test is for Windows 
platforms only");
 Windows VC6 libs' floor()/ceil() choke on floats

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