On 09/06/2011 09:38 AM, Stas Malyshev wrote:

On 9/6/11 12:28 AM, Andrey Hristov wrote:
this bug was really mysqli@mysqlnd. No other tests test this, this is
why we were not able to catch this before. Therefore, it should be
enabled also for libmysql, because it checks right behavior. It's about
regression testing, and if libmysql fails someday on this, we should be
able to catch it.

This behavior (specifically, returning number of rows after last fetch)
was never part of libmysql, was never documented in mysql docs and is
new and unique for mysqlnd. What exactly is the use to enable this test
for libmysql - just generate yet another failure that never will be
fixed to pollute our test results and make legitimate failures harder to

no, it's about consistency, which you want. mysqlnd should behave like libmysql, and it is a test that can test it. What libmysql returns in filtered in mysqli, mysqli_num_rows() is a direct wrapper around mysql_num_rows(), and this is what we test.


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