On 11/24/2011 02:20 AM, Pierrick Charron wrote:
pierrick                                 Wed, 23 Nov 2011 22:20:28 +0000

Revision: http://svn.php.net/viewvc?view=revision&revision=319729

Implemented FR #55540, added functions curl_share_init(), curl_share_setopt() 
and curl_share_close().

This patch breaks non-ZTS build of trunk:

/local/qa/HEAD_non-ZTS/ext/curl/php_curl.h:157:2: error: expected 
specifier-qualifier-list before ‘MUTEX_T’
/local/qa/HEAD_non-ZTS/ext/curl/interface.c: In function ‘_php_curl_setopt’:
/local/qa/HEAD_non-ZTS/ext/curl/interface.c:2449:8: warning: ‘return’ with no 
value, in function returning non-void
make: *** [ext/curl/interface.lo] Error 1

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