On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 18:02, Nuno Lopes <nlop...@php.net> wrote:
Uhm, I don't think this change makes much sense (nor does the previous
behaviour on Mac)..
Extensions that use C++ should pull in the required libraries themselves. We
shouldn't be linking PHP everytime with libstdc++ if that is not needed.

Then what is the idea behind PHP_REQUIRE_CXX?
As I see it, it should pull in everything needed for the extension to use c++.

Ah, sorry, I was fooled by your commit message.. I didn't noticed your change was in PHP_REQUIRE_CXX. Anyway, pulling libstdc++ is a bit too gcc centric. If I use, say, clang, then I may want to use libc++ instead. The right fix, I believe, is to change the link command to use $CXX instead of $CC, since the c++ compiler knows which libraries it needs. For example, it seems that PHP_SHARED_MODULE is doing the right thing.


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