Tag PHP-4.2.3-RC2 in php-src.git was created
Tag:         73097eff00d8ed5643269b1ca3db8c51dc5a49fb
Tagger:      David Soria Parra<d...@y3.php.net>         Mon Sep 2 15:28:27 2002 
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'php_4_2_3RC2'.


Target:      8923943a24f70c3a9dce66d59a4d382949ad4407
Author:      SVN Migration <s...@php.net>         Mon, 2 Sep 2002 15:28:27 +0000
Parents: ca9cfc7525c253fe7e3b3e419f35e9123a0a6144
Target link: 
Target log:
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'php_4_2_3RC2'.

Changed paths:
  D  TSRM/tsrm_config.nw.h
  D  TSRM/tsrm_nw.c
  D  TSRM/tsrm_nw.h
  D  ext/mysql/mysql.mak
  D  main/config.nw.h
  D  netware/build.bat
  D  netware/buildext.bat
  D  netware/buildsapi.bat
  D  netware/common.mif
  D  netware/mktemp.h
  D  netware/php4apache.mak
  D  netware/pwd.h
  D  netware/sys/stat.h
  D  netware/tsrm.mak
  D  netware/zend.mak

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