Commit:    07d0eab204c19ceca259319c38af79e64b61aecd
Author:    Xinchen Hui <>         Thu, 7 Jun 2012 14:42:35 +0800
Parents:   c22a29b57639178581210ec377ea4e9909f828c9 
Branches:  master


Merge branch 'PHP-5.4'

By Gustavo André dos Santos Lopes (4) and others
via Felipe Pena (2) and Xinchen Hui (2)
* PHP-5.4:
  Remove unused codes
  based on microsoft's description,the direct convert from FILETIME struct to 
__int64 is unsafe.
  merge 5.3 entries
  restore NEWS
  Fix ext/intl build on ICU < 4.8
  Optimization in ext/intl/msgformat
  Fixed tests in ext/intl
  Changed XFAILed collator_get_sort_key.phpt

Changed paths:
  MM  ext/intl/msgformat/msgformat_attr.c
  MM  ext/intl/msgformat/msgformat_data.c
  MM  ext/intl/msgformat/msgformat_data.h
  MM  ext/intl/msgformat/msgformat_format.c


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