Commit:    75964450ed12778ca06e2789124d87fc8b6f3945
Author:    Gustavo André dos Santos Lopes <>         Mon, 25 
Jun 2012 12:11:49 +0200
Parents:   715e59ad82862785261dcf91570583eda9fef081 
Branches:  master


Merge branch 'break_iterator'

* break_iterator:
  Fix typo in error message
  BreakIterator: fix compat with old ICU versions
  Fix build error one ext/intl
  BreakIterator::getPartsIterator: new optional arg
  Added IntlCodePointBreakIterator.
  Add Intl prefix to BreakIterator/RuleBasedBI
  Remove trailing space
  Replaced zend_parse_method_params with plain zpp
  BreakIter: Removed getAvailableLocales/getHashCode
  Change in BreakIterator::getPartsIterator()
  BreakIterator: add rules status constants
  Tests for (RuleBased)BreakIterator.
  BreakIterator and RuleBasedBreakiterator added

Changed paths:
  MM  ext/intl/php_intl.c


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