On Tue, 2012-07-24 at 20:34 -0400, Sean Coates wrote:
> > Use 
> >   git reset --hard origin/PHP-5.4
> > to reset your local checkout to the current version on the server.
> It should be noted that when you `reset --hard`, you'll lose local
> changes (including branch commits, except in the reflog). You'll
> probably want to stash first, reset, then stash pop (or branch
> locally, merge, checkout 5.4, reset, then cherry-pick (or maybe
> merge)).
> Sorry for the noise if this is already widely known, but since PHP is
> relatively new to the world of git, I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for the advise! I hope nobody was affected as we had the issue
for less than an hour.

For reference:

The 5.4 with the invalid commit is backed up at 
The bad commit was 8ad868 there, looks innocent but is quite a big

I wonder if anybody can suggest a way to detect such commits
automatically so we can catch them. `git diff` and others show nothing
of relevance.

To undo the commit I took the following steps:

$ git checkout PHP-5.4            # Get a clean tree including the bad
                                  # commit
$ git reset --hard 5f224412fa689  # This is the last good commit
                                  # before 8ad868
$ git push -f origin PHP-5.4      # Overwrite newer versions on the
                                  # server. Right now only I can do that
                                  # (see my recent commit to karma.git)


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