Em Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:36:38 +0200, Gustavo Lopes <glo...@nebm.ist.utl.pt> escreveu:

+ ext/standard/tests/streams/bug40459.phpt
m main/streams/userspace.c

    Merge branch 'bug40459' into PHP-5.4

* bug40459:
 News for bug#40459
 fix bug #40459 - make all stream funcs that create object call cto


Artigo completo

* https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/c98a51a169956f3cf5f1f2eade053a38549c7315

I don't think this should go into 5.4. Is this not a BC break for all the code that uses a constructor with arguments (either by mistake or because for reason the class is parallelly instantiated without involving the stream)?

Ah sorry I should have looked more closely. I was not aware it was already being called in other circumstances. I guess there's really not a significant problem then.

Gustavo Lopes

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