Commit:    53351d087dfa94569a7a65b9f4167e8f0765e05a
Author:    Gustavo Lopes <>         Sat, 1 Sep 2012 
19:07:20 +0200
Parents:   7b5960b08577700275468b396ecccc6f962e0b70 
Branches:  master


Merge branch 'generators'

* generators: (70 commits)
  Fix typos
  Fix segfault when traversing a by-ref generator twice
  Make sure that exception is thrown on rewind() after closing too
  Remove implementation stubs for yield delegation
  Fix several issues and allow rewind only at/before first yield
  Run finally if generator is closed before finishing
  Finally with return now works in generators too
  Add dedicated opcode for returns from a generator
  Disallow serialization and unserialization
  Fix zts build (typo)
  Drop Generator::close() method
  Forgot to add test
  Support trivial finally in generators (no yield, no return)
  Fix implementation of Iterator interface
  Add T_YIELD in tokenizer_data.c
  Throw error also for return occuring before yield
  Fix throwing of exceptions within a generator
  Remove reference restrictions from foreach
  Require parenthesis around yield expressions
  Add some more tests

Changed paths:
  MM  Zend/zend_compile.c
  MM  Zend/zend_compile.h


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