Commit:    d78f5ababe4ce5503feead535308715f27727c50
Author:    Stanislav Malyshev <>         Tue, 22 Jan 2013 00:36:07 
Parents:   cd619b47f378bc45d6f355a096e3733b02f9e5a8
Branches:  PHP-5.5 master


fix tests

Changed paths:
  M  tests/classes/unset_properties.phpt

diff --git a/tests/classes/unset_properties.phpt 
index 7f9b569..264e720 100644
--- a/tests/classes/unset_properties.phpt
+++ b/tests/classes/unset_properties.phpt
@@ -140,15 +140,15 @@ true
 new publicProperty value via public access
 protectedProperty set
-__isset "protectedProperty"__isset "protectedProperty"false
+__isset "protectedProperty"false
 __get "protectedProperty"
 __set "protectedProperty" to "new protectedProperty value via setter"
 __isset "protectedProperty"true
 new protectedProperty value via setter
 privateProperty set
-__isset "privateProperty"__isset "privateProperty"false
+__isset "privateProperty"false
 __get "privateProperty"
 __set "privateProperty" to "new privateProperty value via setter"
 __isset "privateProperty"true
-new privateProperty value via setter
\ No newline at end of file
+new privateProperty value via setter

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