Commit:    f7362232f47a9fcaf0162087dbbbdb0b4562b59d
Author:    Remi Collet <>         Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:22:56 +0100
Parents:   9d6636364dd002734b67efe2b2c08b954b650a99
Branches:  PHP-5.4


Fix failed test: sys_errlist[116] have changed on recent glibc (Fedora 18)
old: Stale NFS file handle
new: Stale file handle

Changed paths:
  M  ext/sockets/tests/socket_strerror.phpt

diff --git a/ext/sockets/tests/socket_strerror.phpt 
index 7985fad..fb9925e 100644
--- a/ext/sockets/tests/socket_strerror.phpt
+++ b/ext/sockets/tests/socket_strerror.phpt
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ string(12) "Host is down"
 string(16) "No route to host"
 string(29) "Operation already in progress"
 string(25) "Operation now in progress"
-string(21) "Stale NFS file handle"
+string(%d) "Stale%sfile handle"
 string(24) "Structure needs cleaning"
 string(27) "Not a XENIX named type file"
 string(29) "No XENIX semaphores available"

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