Commit:    98e43de7c59420240dc8ff12c9c1d80730ccb87a
Author:    Pierre Joye <>         Wed, 27 Feb 2013 16:02:54 
Parents:   fa940a60dec4ac1609b2696607783cf5b68e4b07
Branches:  master


- add new file for m4 as well

Changed paths:
  M  ext/gd/config.m4

diff --git a/ext/gd/config.m4 b/ext/gd/config.m4
index 79a74e1..00e7c68 100644
--- a/ext/gd/config.m4
+++ b/ext/gd/config.m4
@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ if test "$PHP_GD" = "yes"; then
                  libgd/gdfontmb.c libgd/gdfontl.c libgd/gdfontg.c 
libgd/gdtables.c libgd/gdft.c \
                  libgd/gdcache.c libgd/gdkanji.c libgd/wbmp.c libgd/gd_wbmp.c 
libgd/gdhelpers.c \
                  libgd/gd_topal.c libgd/gd_gif_in.c libgd/xbm.c 
libgd/gd_gif_out.c libgd/gd_security.c \
-                 libgd/gd_filter.c libgd/gd_pixelate.c libgd/gd_arc.c 
libgd/gd_rotate.c libgd/gd_color.c"
+                 libgd/gd_filter.c libgd/gd_pixelate.c libgd/gd_arc.c 
libgd/gd_rotate.c libgd/gd_color.c libgd/gd_transform.c"
 dnl check for fabsf and floorf which are available since C99
   AC_CHECK_FUNCS(fabsf floorf)

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