Commit:    0173c4bab0357e58e74e2a84b18fa31034699582
Author:    David Soria Parra <>         Wed, 20 Mar 2013 13:02:33 
Parents:   bf8026aacf6ebeafca9c78928e3e660d7698ff6a 
Branches:  PHP-5.5 master


Merge branch 'pull-request/257' into PHP-5.5

* pull-request/257:
  array_column: Fix compile-time warnings
  array_column: Removed array_pluck() alias
  array_column: Set array_pluck as an alias for array_column
  array_column: Implement ability to specify an index column
  Cleaning up a memory leak.
  array_column: Adding test for IS_OBJECT and converting object to string
  array_column: Using add_next_index_zval() at nikic's recommendation.
  array_column: Improved tests
  array_column: Cleaning up, as recommended in pull request #56 comments
  Fixing typo in test for array_column()
  Simplify the code and use zend_hash_next_index_insert()
  Adding test for columns not present in all rows for array_column().
  Adding tests for the negative results of array_column()
  Implement new array function array_column()


Changed paths:
  MM  ext/standard/array.c
  MM  ext/standard/basic_functions.c
  MM  ext/standard/php_array.h


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