Commit:    5b121eb04d358f83e974b6c5fe069c38cf1f960b
Author:    Ard Biesheuvel <>         Tue, 7 May 2013 
20:37:04 +0200
Parents:   de7415ea559444fe0a0cb4d4b4b7b93c8e19435a
Branches:  PHP-5.5


Fix #64780 (PHP 5.5 builds are broken with GCC 3)

A recent change (by me) introduced a call to __builtin_offsetof()
into zend_operators.h which is not defined by GCC prior to
version 4.

Changed the code to use offsetof() instead: this is defined in
<stddef.h>, so #include this header conditionally (#ifdef GNUC)


Changed paths:
  M  Zend/zend_operators.h

diff --git a/Zend/zend_operators.h b/Zend/zend_operators.h
index a82c14b..0b890ff 100644
--- a/Zend/zend_operators.h
+++ b/Zend/zend_operators.h
@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@
 #include <math.h>
 #include <assert.h>
+#ifdef __GNUC__
+#include <stddef.h>
 #include <ieeefp.h>
@@ -497,7 +501,7 @@ ZEND_API void zend_update_current_locale(void);
 /* The offset in bytes between the value and type fields of a zval */
 #define ZVAL_OFFSETOF_TYPE     \
-       (__builtin_offsetof(zval,type) - __builtin_offsetof(zval,value))
+       (offsetof(zval,type) - offsetof(zval,value))
 static zend_always_inline int fast_increment_function(zval *op1)

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