On Wed, 2013-07-31 at 19:31 +0000, Christopher Jones wrote:
> Commit:    017145bc57e604153f2a2400dd6e73a397f52f96
> Author:    Christopher Jones <s...@php.net>         Wed, 31 Jul 2013 12:31:50 
> -0700
> Parents:   4ed18d5955ad7ac0172f6eec87735fefcd113270
> Branches:  PHP-5.5 master
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> http://git.php.net/?p=php-src.git;a=commitdiff;h=017145bc57e604153f2a2400dd6e73a397f52f96
> Log:
> Allow 'make distclean' to clean up the 'generated' phar.inc

This seems to be the wrong "fix" for the actual issue.
> -$(builddir)/phar/phar.inc: $(srcdir)/phar/phar.inc
> +$(builddir)/phar/phar.inc: $(srcdir)/phar/phar.inc.in
>       -@test -d $(builddir)/phar || mkdir $(builddir)/phar
> -     -@test -f $(builddir)/phar/phar.inc || cp $(srcdir)/phar/phar.inc 
> $(builddir)/phar/phar.inc
> +     -@test -f $(builddir)/phar/phar.inc || cp $(srcdir)/phar/phar.inc.in 
> $(builddir)/phar/phar.inc

This rule copies the file from the source to the buildir for out of tree
builds ...
>  $(builddir)/phar.php: $(srcdir)/build_precommand.php $(srcdir)/phar/*.inc 
> $(srcdir)/phar/*.php $(SAPI_CLI_PATH)
>       -@echo "Generating phar.php"

... where it is then used by this rule, so phar.php can include it
easily or something. (a quick scan over the file didn't tell me why
that .inc is different from the others ...)

If sourcedir == builddir nothing should happen in the first step.

If I read the Makefile correctly (mind the "$(srcdir)/phar/" argument to
the "phar.php pack" call) the .in file will be added to the generated
phar, too.

I don't now which exact problem is meant to be solved with this change
but copying files around for "no reason" seems weird. Maybe the copy
from srcdir to builddir can be avoided at all?


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