Commit:    24e0b9910302f7828d1373a1f653f0358e05ff59
Author:    Igor Wiedler <>         Fri, 8 Nov 2013 19:14:58 -0500
Parents:   602fef0e52caacf754eacfb96e9342ce32d29a37 
Branches:  PHP-5.6 master


Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/PHP-5.6' into use-function

* upstream/PHP-5.6: (399 commits)
  Fixed issue #115 (path issue when using phar). Fixed issue #149 (Phar mount 
points not working with OPcache enabled).
  Added tests for PHAR/OPCahce incompatibilities
  Update NEWS
  Fixed bug #65947 (basename is no more working after fgetcsv in certain 
  Update NEWS
  Fixed Bug #66043 (Segfault calling bind_param() on mysqli)
  NEWS entry
  NEWS entry
  Fix bug #65946 - pdo_sql_parser.c permanently converts values bound to strings
  bump API versions
  Add a couple more test cases to parse_url() tests
  fix missing change from 'tcp_socket' to the more common 'server'
  fix many parallel test issues
  Cleanup temp test file
  Revert "Fixed issue #115 (path issue when using phar)."
  Update LiteSpeed SAPI code to V6.4
  Fixed typo in Makefile.frag
  updated NEWS
  Remove outdate codes, make it clearer, although just a bit..
  Update NEWS



Changed paths:
  MM  Zend/zend_compile.c
  MM  Zend/zend_compile.h
  MM  Zend/zend_language_parser.y

diff --cc Zend/zend_compile.c
index 9c238ac,7132c3e..3b61ab2
--- a/Zend/zend_compile.c
+++ b/Zend/zend_compile.c
@@@ -7255,10 -7061,9 +7224,10 @@@ void zend_do_use_const(znode *ns_name, 
  void zend_do_declare_constant(znode *name, znode *value TSRMLS_DC) /* {{{ */
        zend_op *opline;
 +      zval **ns_name;
        if(Z_TYPE(value->u.constant) == IS_CONSTANT_ARRAY) {
-               zend_error(E_COMPILE_ERROR, "Arrays are not allowed as 
+               zend_error_noreturn(E_COMPILE_ERROR, "Arrays are not allowed as 
        if (zend_get_ct_const(&name->u.constant, 0 TSRMLS_CC)) {
diff --cc Zend/zend_compile.h
index 55575f3,f9520c9..d4ebdff
--- a/Zend/zend_compile.h
+++ b/Zend/zend_compile.h
@@@ -74,7 -74,7 +74,7 @@@ typedef struct _zend_literal 
  #define Z_HASH_P(zv) \
--typedef union _znode_op {     
++typedef union _znode_op {
        zend_uint      constant;
        zend_uint      var;
        zend_uint      num;
@@@ -86,7 -86,7 +86,7 @@@
        void          *ptr;        /* Used for passing pointers from the 
compile to execution phase, currently used for traits */
  } znode_op;
--typedef struct _znode { /* used only during compilation */ 
++typedef struct _znode { /* used only during compilation */
        int op_type;
        union {
                znode_op op;
@@@ -239,7 -239,7 +239,7 @@@ typedef struct _zend_arg_info 
  } zend_arg_info;
  /* the following structure repeats the layout of zend_arg_info,
-- * but its fields have different meaning. It's used as the first element of 
++ * but its fields have different meaning. It's used as the first element of
   * arg_info array to define properties of internal functions.
  typedef struct _zend_internal_function_info {
@@@ -261,7 -262,7 +262,7 @@@ typedef struct _zend_compiled_variable 
  struct _zend_op_array {
        /* Common elements */
        zend_uchar type;
--      const char *function_name;              
++      const char *function_name;
        zend_class_entry *scope;
        zend_uint fn_flags;
        union _zend_function *prototype;
@@@ -437,10 -438,8 +438,10 @@@ ZEND_API char *zend_get_compiled_filena
  ZEND_API int zend_get_compiled_lineno(TSRMLS_D);
  ZEND_API size_t zend_get_scanned_file_offset(TSRMLS_D);
 -void zend_resolve_non_class_name(znode *element_name, zend_bool 
check_namespace TSRMLS_DC);
 +void zend_resolve_non_class_name(znode *element_name, zend_bool 
*check_namespace, zend_bool case_sensitive, HashTable *current_import_sub 
 +void zend_resolve_function_name(znode *element_name, zend_bool 
*check_namespace TSRMLS_DC);
 +void zend_resolve_const_name(znode *element_name, zend_bool *check_namespace 
- void zend_resolve_class_name(znode *class_name, ulong fetch_type, int 
check_ns_name TSRMLS_DC);
+ void zend_resolve_class_name(znode *class_name TSRMLS_DC);
  ZEND_API const char* zend_get_compiled_variable_name(const zend_op_array 
*op_array, zend_uint var, int* name_len);
  #ifdef ZTS
@@@ -679,7 -675,7 +680,7 @@@ void zend_class_add_ref(zend_class_entr
  ZEND_API void zend_mangle_property_name(char **dest, int *dest_length, const 
char *src1, int src1_length, const char *src2, int src2_length, int internal);
  #define zend_unmangle_property_name(mangled_property, mangled_property_len, 
class_name, prop_name) \
--        zend_unmangle_property_name_ex(mangled_property, 
mangled_property_len, class_name, prop_name, NULL) 
++        zend_unmangle_property_name_ex(mangled_property, 
mangled_property_len, class_name, prop_name, NULL)
  ZEND_API int zend_unmangle_property_name_ex(const char *mangled_property, int 
mangled_property_len, const char **class_name, const char **prop_name, int 
  #define ZEND_FUNCTION_DTOR (void (*)(void *)) zend_function_dtor

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