Commit:    bd432b995e30ad13f725c367960f5dc4f8776d81
Author:    Felipe Pena <>         Tue, 12 Nov 2013 00:34:10 
Parents:   6aad2ee42c355934190a46f55b7f6633f9bea407
Branches:  PHP-5.6


- Update list cmd description

Changed paths:
  M  phpdbg_prompt.c

diff --git a/phpdbg_prompt.c b/phpdbg_prompt.c
index f7ec941..d87fd2b 100644
--- a/phpdbg_prompt.c
+++ b/phpdbg_prompt.c
@@ -538,7 +538,7 @@ static const phpdbg_command_t phpdbg_prompt_commands[] = {
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(print,     "print something"),
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(break,     "set breakpoint"),
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(back,      "show backtrace"),
-       PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(list,      "list specified line"),
+       PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(list,      "list specified line or function"),
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(clean,     "clean the execution environment"),
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(clear,     "clear breakpoints"),
        PHPDBG_COMMAND_D(help,      "show help menu"),

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