Hi JB!
On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, JB wrote:

> actually.. still give me the same error after i fixed that. new code as
> follows along with the error:
> if (!session_is_registered('cart')) {
> $cart = array();
> session_register('cart');
> }
> else {
> session_start();
> }
> any other ideas?   =)

be sure you don't output *anything* before the session_start() 
or session_register() call. They imply sending a cookie header to
the browser, and having something already sent means the headers cannot
be sent anymore like in:

Content-Type: text/html

output already here
Set-Cookie: foobar=baz;
^... cannot see this as a header, cause it's in the body of the response.

-- teodor

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