Don't reinvent the wheel. It will take you longer to write it than it will
to learn to admin majordomo or any of 10 other programs like it.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Autonomous Mass Mail List System (Broadcast Email)

Hey Everyone,

I'm working a project for one of the company's websites. they have a
subscription mailing list that the user signs up their email address to
receies periodical emailings.

The email addresses are stored in a flat txt file. 1 email per line. I could
also convert it to a coma delimited txt file if it would be easier.

So, they've had problem with people who no longer want to receive emails,
and one's that bounce for whatever reason, generally a bad email address.

What I am trying to find out if who has some information to set up a system
where we will send out our emails to the subscribers with our mailing list
manager. when i customer respondes with a certain command in the body or
subject (like unsubscribe) or if the mail bounces, I'd like it to search out
the email address and delete it.

Now, I know there's lists like majordomo that do something similar. But I'm
looking for something a little more straightforward.

I also know this may be more along the lines of shell scripting, but I
thought some of you ingenious people may have already done something similar
or have some ideas on where to start. thanks.

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