Hi Mateus,

this is not really true. As you mentioned libclntsh is linked with pthread 
and so must be apache. first, add the oracle lib path to ld.so.conf
and run ldconfig.

now try the following for apache:
LDFLAGS=-lpthread ./configure \
        --prefix=/usr/local/apache \

and for php4:
./configure \
        --with-apxs=/usr/local/apachebin/apxs \
        --with-oci8 \

with any additional options. furthermore it can be necessary to export some
of the following environment vars in your apachectl:
LD_PRELOAD (for libclnsh)

refer to http://www.php.net/manual/ref.oci8.php or ask me if you like

>  Hi,
>  I'm trying to run php4 with support to oci8 (Oracle 8.1.6 - Linux) and
>apache aborts.
>  I read in the FAQ that if MySql libs are linked with pthread, pthread
>should be removed from mysql libs to apache get started.
>  The lib clntsh (from Oracle) is also linked with pthreads, but, of course,
>is not possible, at least for me, to recompile Oracle.
>  Suggestions?
>  Thanks for your help.
>Mateus Cordeiro Inssa
>Linux User: 76186 Kernel: 2.2.17-14cl
>ICQ (Licq): 15243895
>Tue Jan  2 20:23:27 EST 2001
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