Hello all -

I have created a database in Access 97 which will soon be converted to MySQL
for web use.  It is a music catalog with tracks of each CD listed with
times.  My question is: what is the best data type for the track times
(2:37, 6:24, etc.) which will allow me to add all the tracks of a CD and
come up with a total CD time (65 minutes and 59 seconds, for example).
Right now I am using the "short time" format in Access which only allows
times up to 23:59 (I guess it's actually designed for hours/minutes) and I
haven't figured out how to add the values.  Is there a data type that will
work in Access, and/or what would be the equivalent format in MySQL??
 Also - does anyone have an example of a PHP/MySQL solution for a music

Thanks in advance,

Tim Wright

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