Good day all!

Please help me with charset. I have some strange trouble.
I use FreeBSD 4.2 STABLE and MySQL 3.23.28-gamma (compiled from FreeBSD
ports) and PHP 4.04.
Latin1 is a default charset in MySQL. So, I wanted to add cp1251 or koi8_ru.
Ok, I add --default-character-set=cp1251 to my mysql start-up script.

The problem is:

If I connect from console to mysql and type \s (to get status information)
it shows: Language: cp1251
Everything seems OK, but if I try to connect via phpMyAdmin 2.1.0 or Horde
1.2.3+Imp 2.2.3 (webmail implementation) it returns -

<<For phpMyAdmin>>
Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't initialize character set 14 (path:
default) in /usr/local/www/htdocs/adm/ on line 255

<<For Horde>>
Warning: Can't initialize character set 14 (path: default) in
/usr/local/lib/phplib/ on line 73

I don't know where is my mistake? I tried to contact MySQL mailing list -
thay said this problem has nothing to do with MySQL.
I do have sql/share/charsets folder with Index and cp1251.conf. I checked
Index - records are OK. Should I add something to /usr/local/lib/php.ini

Looking forward to hear from you.


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