Set up an expire time... if a user hasn't accessed the page
showing the room's activity (where all the messages are
shown) within, say, 3 minutes, then the next request that
comes in, regardless of who makes it, should remove the
timed-out user from the list.

It's important, of course, to make sure all of the chat
windows are refreshing faster than your timeout value; a
refresh rate of 3 minutes or more wouldn't be very
convenient anyway ;)


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Desperate Help needed

I made a database chatroom that seemed to be working
perfectly fine - now, it seems, if more than two people log
in, the 1st person of the three automatically gets logged
out - its because i tried to make an automatic log off for
those who cross the window....

How do you detect if a person has closed the window (hence
killing the cookie) without logging off (so the database
still has him listed, and therefore is shown to be online)?

Here's the scenario:
1. one table lists the chatters' names
2. second table has 25 rows for each messages, they keep
getting replaced as the new messages come in

the problem: the chatters table lists those users who logged
out ages ago...


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