Ok, I am trying to add a "yes"/"no" dialog for a delete operation and I was
attempting this via the javascript "confirm" function, but no matter if I
click yes or no, the php code block still executes. I tried this way:
<script language="javascript">
if(!confirm("Are you sure you wish to delete this section? This will delete
all llamas in this section as well!!")) {
} else{
  $db = NewDatabase("MySQL", "fusion", "5xc7hn3", "fusion", "localhost");
  if(!$db->execute("delete from lf_llamas where lfl_lfs_id = $id"))
die(print $db->geterror() . " while deleting from lf_llamas.");
  if(!$db->execute("delete from lf_sections where lfs_id = $id")) die(print
$db->geterror() . " while deleteing from lf_sections.");

thinking that the second code block would not be executed if they clicked

Does PHP have a native function for yes/no dialogs? I searched the docs and
couldn't find anything :(

Any help would be appreciated!

Sean Finkel

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