This is probably a question for a core PHP developers working on ODBC....

I have compiled my php 4.0.4 against IBM DB2 libs and all is well untill i
do something like
odbc_exec($cid,"CALL <stored_procedure> ('arg1','arg2','arg3')";

Call fails saying it could not find certain library.....mentioning
SQLExecDirect ODBC function....
However, the exact same SQL query works from within DB2 Command Center and
CLP( Command Line Processor)...I went to investigate by reading "Developing
Applications using CLI" (CLI = Call Level Interface) which is IBM's ODBC
library and it says in clear text that SQLExecDirect function does support
CALL SQL statement.....No examples though.....Only examples offered were
ones where call was made by binding parameters using SQLBindParameter

My questions are :
1. Does or Does not PHP 4.0.4 ODBC functions support CALL SQL statements
with input/output arguments.
2. Can someone give me an example on how to accomplish a CALL statement with
in/out args from PHP when calling a stored procedure....
3. Are ODBC functions in PHP compliant with ODBC v3.5 specs?

Much appreciated.

Amir Mistric

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