I am trying to get Apache 1.3.14 with PHP 4.0.3p1 to communicate with
Oracle8i (8.1.7) on Compaq Tru64 UNIX and Solaris. If I just use putenv to
set ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_SID then everything works without
problems. However the problem starts when I try to set NLS_LANG. If I set
this to for example 'american_america.we8iso8859p1' with 'putenv()' I get
the following error message on the webpage:

Warning: OCISessionBegin: ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter
value specified in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/include_stable/oci8.h on line

line 22 is the following line:

if ($connection = ocilogon($db_user,$db_passwd))

and it's the first time I try to connect to the database.

The main problem is that the above ORA_NLS works in shell without any
problems (have also set ORA_NLS33 without any effect). I found an old mail
(autumn '99) in the archives with a similiar problem where the solution
appeared to be to set these variables in 'apachectl' which can prove to be
somewhat tough in my case since I want to be able to access a lot of
different Oracle instances and would prefer not to have to mess around
with 'apachectl' to fix these kind of problems.

Anybody who has any insight/info/solutions/experiences of the same

Thanks in advance for any input!



  Eskil Swahn
  LDC, Lund University
  Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]    Web: http://www.ldc.lu.se/
  Phone: +46 46 222 4986          Fax: +46 46 138225

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