I installed IIS, MySQL and php on my Win 2000 machine, set the variables in php.ini.
     When i do a phpinfo(); it returns that MSSQL is active
I then installed php on the company NT Server with IIS and MSSQL.
     When I do a phpinfo(); MSSQL is nowhere to be seen
I copied my php.ini from the 2000 machine to the NT machine, restarted IISAdmin, still 
not there.

Why would it work on 2000 but not NT?
I set them both up the same way.

If I run the script from my local webpage trying to connect to the database on the NT 
Server I get
"unable to connect to database, blah,blah,blah...not a trusted user" which I know is a 
privledges problem, but the MSSQL command was sent.

If I run it from the NT webpage I get 
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mssql_connect()"
which is a PHP setup problem.

$db = mssql_connect("NTS1", "wwwguest", "guest");
if(!$db){echo("Unable to connect to database server.");exit();}
if(! @mssql_select_db("bruin")){echo("Unable to select 
Any and all suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks all

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