My Server is Windows 2000 ( Advanced Server ).

I use Apache WebServer(1.3.12) and  PHP 4.0.2

I use Interbase 5.6 Server, PHP module (extension) not loading problem.

My PHP root is "c:\php"

My PHP.INI, this

when I Start Apache Service, Appear this message

'Unable to load dynamic library 'php_interbase.dll'

but any PHP function execute good.

I execute sample php code, this
 $dbh = ibase_connect ("d:\project\klpg\database\tank.gdb", "sysdba", "masterkey");
 $stmt = 'SELECT * FROM customer';
 $sth = ibase_query ($dbh, $stmt);
 while ($row = ibase_fetch_object ($sth))
  print $row->email . "\n";
 ibase_close ($dbh);
result is

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ibase_connect() in d:/webroot/index.php3 on 
line 36

I don't know this..help...please

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