I have a form with several text variable fields (30) in which the client is
asked to select and assign a weight to each variables that influenced their
decision to do something.  The total weight of all selected variables  must
total 100.  I have a field "total weight" that I want the sum of the
assigned weights to appear. As the client assigns each weight the total
weight would update using an onChange(or similar action).  I do not want the
client to have to click a submit or calculate button in order to have the
total displayed.  I want to remain on the same form so that the client can
make alterations to his/her assigned weights until they equal 100.  

My web hosting/server provider does not allow any type of sql databasing on
their server so I will be gathering the data in a text file so there is not
interactivity with a database.

Is this such a difficult thing to do, or am I just not seeing the forest for
the trees? I'm befuddled. I've even resorted to learning some java and cgi
scripting to accomplish this but, I now realize, given my time frame, I
don't have time to teach myself all I need to know about these languages to
make this work. 

You can view a sample of the web form I have created thus far at
http://www.kingwoodgroup.com/PHPTestExample  . 

I appreciate any direction you can give.


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